Today’s Outfit — I cave and post.


Never thought I’d be one of those girls who A) takes pictures of themselves in the mirror, or B) posts that picture on her blog…gag! Really, how much must you love yourself to do this? Honestly, what’s next?? Should I post a picture of some napkin rings I’ve fashioned from vintage tires or something? You know, for all those dinner parties I don’t host, because I don’t even have a kitchen table in my apartment. I swear, this post is not an attempt to make anyone think I actually live like those people who actually achieve Pinterest-inspired lives.

That being said…decided to break one of my many personal rules by posting today’s outfit…but only because I got a lot of compliments on these bubblegum pink pants!

Biggest secret of the day: the entire outfit is from DISCOVERY!!! Might be the most ghetto store on the planet. They don’t even have dressing rooms. That’s how ghetto. And if they catch you trying something on in one of the many full-length mirrors around the store, you’ll get this lecture: “Sorry, no trying on clothes. But you have 14 days to exchange or return.” Honestly, it costs more to put gas in my car to drive back to Discovery to return something than to just keep it…

A lot of people (read…my friends) turn their noses up at this ghetto-porium. Well, fine, that’s your loss. More for me! The secret to shopping at any store like this (I’d throw Strawberry in this category, too) is to GO UP ABOUT TEN MILLION SIZES. I mean, think about it. Most of this stuff was manufactured with Beyonce booties and tatas being stuffed like sausages into these tight-fitting tops and apple-bottom jeans. That’s just the style. At J. Crew, I wear a size XS or S in shirts. At Discovery…I wear a large.

And by the way, don’t let all the polyester and sequined “club tops” (that’s actually what they’re called in Discovery commercials…) scare you. I am convinced they are there to keep Pinterest users away…because if enough of us start shopping at Discovery, there just won’t be enough supply to keep up with demand.

By the way, if you weren’t familiar with Discovery prior to this post, don’t feel bad. I only shop there because growing up my mom refused to let me buy anything from expensive stores. We could either “make it” ourselves in our family craft room or shop at a ghetto store. We also traveled to New York once a year to stock up on fake designer purses and accessories. That part didn’t bother me; having a polo shirt with a deer instead of a moose stitched on it did. Yeah, that’s what ghetto stores do. They figure out some other obscure, semi-related logo and slap it on everything. Abercrombie and Fitch may as well have been Gucci in my house. My mom was determined to teach us a lesson! I guarantee we were the only kids going to a fancy private school whose mom wouldn’t let them buy jeans from Abercrombie. Like, really, what kind of unusual punishment was that?!

Now bargain shopping (that’s a kind euphemism for being the only white girl in the store) is no longer an embarrassing sign of a mom trying to teach her kids lessons; it’s my passion. Really, I get bored shopping full-price. I understand exceptional craftsmanship and would never turn down an impeccably tailored Oscar de la Renta dress (cause so many of those come my way…)…it’s just that there’s no fun for me in walking into a nice store and being faced with racks and racks and racks of beautiful clothes. Where’s the chase?!

Now, if we’re at a sample sale…things are different. I will maul those racks like a huntress on the prowl, as if those Balenciaga dresses were my last hope at survival.

Basically, there has to be a game or excitement involved. This is the reason I love shopping at Forever 21, H&M, and really unorganized Akiras. Or Target during a designer collaboration. Or ANYWHERE during a gigantic sale. Don’t be surprised if you see me hiding inside a clothing rack ready to pounce on the first salesperson replenishing the Vault section of Filene’s Basement.

Here’s the deal with today’s outfit:

Top: Discovery, $7.99

Jeans: Discovery, $19.99

Gold Flip Flops: Old Navy, $9.99

Tortoise Shell Barette: Target: $3.99 for pack of four

Bracelets: Erica Wilson Nantucket Mali bracelets (my big splurge!!!) $18.00 for packet

“Molly” nameplate necklace: Present from my sister Anna

Ammunition Necklace: Forever 21, $2.80

Pearl Earrings: H&M, $5.50 for pack of six pairs

My belief is that with SO MANY shopping options, there is no reason to spend a fortune to follow trends and develop your personal style.


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