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I’ve enjoyed every book on this list I’ve read (still have to get to a few) but thought I’d reblog since engaging reads can be hard to come by if you’re browsing aimlessly like I usually am. Especially recommend “Under the Banner of Heaven”…but only if you’re as obsessed with the Duggars and “Sister Wives” as me. #religiousfanatics #cantgetenough!!!


The Top Ten Tuesday theme this week at The Broke and the Bookish is “Top Ten Books For People Who Like X Book (Pick a book and pick 10 readalikes)”. I’m having a tough time finding a book that lends itself to the challenge, so I decided to broaden it a bit.

Top Ten Non-Fiction Books for Novel Lovers

Until I went to college, I considered non-fiction to be insanely dull. Why would you read about history or sociology or ugh science when there are so many fantastic novels just waiting to be devoured? I never imagined that non-fiction could hold a candle to fiction when it came to characters or drama.

How wrong I was. The first non-fiction book I fell into was The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson (which I wrote about in this Top Ten Tuesday post). Twists! Intrigue! Murder most foul! And…

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