The person writing this blog is…

So, as I’ve been getting more visitors to this blog I’ve started getting some pretty entertaining emails and tweets from people I don’t actually know in real life. WTF, shocker!! People who don’t actually know me READ this!? THIS GETS ME VERY, VERY EXCITED…like, to the point of blasting my non-premium Spotify playlist and jumping around my room, when I see a “stranger” is reading my absolutely ludicrous thoughts. And, for all your English majors out there, I did just cringe at the fact that I wrote “is reading.” SORRY for the passive voice. This is no time to edit!

Anyway, many of the comments I get sound something like this…”Love your blog!! But wait…who are you?”

So, apparently I missed the part of having a blog where you explain who you are to people…

If you know me in real life please stop reading because this is going to get mega-embarrassing. If you don’t know me in real life, good, because that means I can exaggerate how cool I am and you won’t know the difference.

Here’s a short bio on me:

Me last year at New York Fashion Week...I have no idea how this photo happened. I look sooo much cooler than I actually am, which is why I use it on all my social media accounts.

Me last year at New York Fashion Week…I have no idea how this photo happened. I look sooo much cooler than I actually am, which is why I use it on all my social media accounts.

I’m 25, I live in Chicago, where I grew up, and my roommate is my little sister Anna, who is 22. I just realized this sounds like a sitcom plot. Wow, maybe I should pitch this…and maybe I’ll sell it…and maybe then I won’t be poor all the time!!! By the way, that’s how most thoughts happen in my head…returning a lost dog in the neighborhood turns into a grand plan for me getting rich and famous by way of being a town hero whose story is turned into a movie. By then the dog has run off and I am still poor and not famous.

I went to Boston University for undergrad and Northwestern for grad school. I studied journalism both places, which, in case you’re wondering, is a great major for people who want to live the high life!! Some industry experts describe that life as being able to buy the expensive brand of authentic Ramen; I say I wouldn’t know because I am very poor and spend most of my money on rent, cabs to bars and Starbucks. Some months I start thinking I am Imelda Marcos and go on a binge at H&M, purchasing three new pairs of shoes and a pair of statement earrings. Damn…the life I live!!!

The first two years after college were the hardest two years of my life. I will get more in-depth in another emo post, but thank God things started turning around last January because I was beginning to think I was dooms. That’s what I used to say when things were bad when I was little. They were “dooms.” My life was dooms because I had absolutely no idea how to achieve what I wanted to achieve. Any post-grad, especially the ones who had an ideal college experience, will know what I’m talking about–those nights when you are in your room, looking very ugly from a sob-fest, realizing that if you don’t do something fast you’re going to end up a washed up cliche of your generation with nothing to show for your education but the knowledge that your parents are still paying for your cell phone bill. That, my friends, was hashtag a standard horrible night.

Don’t worry, though–it got better! And if you’re stuck in a post-grad rut, I promise things will turn around for you too. Step one is getting out of bed and just putting one foot in front of the other. Oh, and stop spending so much time on Instagram comparing yourself to everyone you know. I’m sure if we looked at your Instagram it would appear you’re living the life of a freshly-highlighted socialite when in reality you spent all day last Sunday in bed regretting the Taco Bell you ingested the night before.

These days I have approximately 253 jobs. I’ll explain how I went from having one to four in another post, but long story short, it took leaving that first job to end up with four jobs I really like. They are, in no particular order:

  • Production assistant/assignment desk a news station in Chicago
  • Style editor for a women’s lifestyle site
  • Freelance copywriter for a dating site
  • Column in the RedEye, the city’s #1 commuter paper. I just like saying #1 because it makes me feel KEWL.

Because I work so many different places I have absolutely no clue what to say when people ask me what I “do.” I don’t know!!! Is walking to the bus stop a job? Because I feel like that’s what I spend most of my time doing.

A lot of people have written me asking for tips on how to actually make money freelance writing. I think I am going to do a whole post on that because it is definitely worth some exploration. Trust me, I was (and still feel) pretty clueless most of the time but I’ve definitely started to get the hang of it. For the purposes of keeping this post brief, I will say that best tip I have on freelance writing is to trust that one gig will lead to the next, so don’t worry about landing a 14,000-word Vogue piece right away.–mainly because they stopped hanging those out about the same time Zoog Disney went off the air. Okay, exaggerating, but you get my drift.

If it isn’t obvious from the below posts, no, I do not have a boyfriend. I joke all day long about why that is but I secretly think there is a part of me that wants to stay unattached and “free” until I feel I’ve seen the entire universe, gone to every possible party and fully exhausted my desire to explore all life has to offer. Wow, that sounds extremely irritating now that I’ve read it back, but I feel like someone else must feel the same way? My sorority sisters who have already gotten married–you guys don’t have to answer!!!

Phew, already a long one here so I’ll wrap it up. Hope all you strangers reading this feel a bit more acquainted with me! And please, whoever is reading from Dubai…REVEAL YOURSELF!!!




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